Milestone Consult and Tangent Works agree on machine learning partnership

Milestone Team

Aug 2022


3 minutes

Predictive analytics with forecast modelling and anomaly detection based on time series.

Milestone Consult and Tangent Works agree on a sales and technology partnership to create reliable forecasts from time data series using a new AI technology.
This allows companies to add immediate value to their business because InstantML technology creates a forecasting model faster, more flexibly, and more scalably than traditional approaches.

Digitalisation requires constant optimisation of processes as well as a reduction of costs in all areas. Scalable forecasting can thus make a decisive contribution to competitive advantage. Predictive models help make forecasting accessible and productive for a wide range of users and use cases. Use cases that benefit from efficient forecasting include

  • demand planning in retail, wholesale and industry,
  • network demand forecasting in telecommunications,
  • predictive maintenance and anomaly detection in production by incorporating IoT data to monitor machines, plan maintenance actions and avoid downtime,
  • forecasts on exchange rate fluctuations and price indices help globally operating companies to forecast prices and sales in different currencies,
  • For more examples, see

“The current corona crisis has exposed the weaknesses of many companies in terms of the forecasting and forecasting models they use. With the machine learning technology InstantML, we want to help companies react quickly and efficiently to market changes,” emphasises Olaf Broekmans, Managing Director of Milestone Consult. “Time series forecasting and anomaly detection are hard problems to solve.” With InstantML, companies can quickly and easily benefit from predictive analytics”, adds Dirk Michiels, CEO of Tangent Works.

As experienced consultants for the digitisation of business processes, we support you in optimising your forecasting methods, processes and data handling across all phases of a project:

  • Extraction and preparation of your business data as a basis for forecasting
  • Integration of Tangent Works TIM and training of your employees in its use
  • Interpretation of the results of TIM and optimisation of the forecasts
  • Graphical presentation of the calculated results and calculation of key figures in comparison to current actual values in the context of a performance measurement
  • Export of the calculated forecasts and import into further tools and systems
  • Long-term support for your forecasting teams to continuously improve forecast accuracy

About Milestone Consult

Milestone Consult specialises in the design, implementation and support of innovative solutions in the areas of software development and business intelligence, using the best standard tools available on the market, with a commitment to quality. We create modern solutions in the cloud, on premise or hybrid.

In the area of software development, the focus is on the digitalisation of business processes. Our individual solutions are used by our customers to open up new business models, reduce costs and increase effectiveness. In doing so, we focus on a user experience that excites the end user.

“Create decision-relevant information from data” is the credo in the field of business intelligence. To accomplish this, data is collected, processed and integrated from a wide variety of sources. We develop modern reports and dashboards that enable meaningful analytics on a smartphone, tablet or in a browser.

In the area of quality assurance, we are responsible for test management as well as test automation in complex IT projects. Furthermore, we take over the project management and conduct architecture reviews. In doing so, we ensure that the development complies with GxP standards. In pharmaceutical production, we use the MES software PAS X from WERUM for this purpose.

As an owner-managed medium-sized company with around 75 employees, we operate financially independently. Our principle that employee satisfaction comes first results in a long-term employee turnover of less than 3%. This ensures knowledge retention in customer projects and our position as a strategic partner. We stand for long-term cooperation in the implementation of global projects throughout the entire cycle.

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About Tangent Works

Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians who believed in the possibilities of predictive modelling to optimise processes and reduce costs, but found that existing methods for broad application were far too complex and slow.

The mission of Tangent Works is to automate predictive models for forecasts and detection of anomalies using our revolutionary InstantML technology and the flexible TIM solution and make them accessible and productive for a large number of users and applications.

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