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If you use Power BI, you have to get to know the Power ON addon

The Microsoft certified addon to Power BI - Power ON helps companies transform Power BI into a real-time, collaborative data collection and decision-making engine that can be used in countless planning and data collaboration processes.

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Supercharge Power BI with Planning & Writeback

Only with the writeback of Power ON does Power BI become a real two-way street

  • Data entry and storage directly in Power BI (writeback)

  • Work with Power BI as if it were Excel including complex formulas

  • Drag and drop in charts, copy and paste from Excel to Power BI

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Power BI as a collaboration platform

  • Commenting on data at cell level, visible to all team members and evaluating comments

  • Use of complex workflows and approval processes

  • Work together in a team with your colleagues on the same data, reports & charts

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The challenge

Power BI is ideal for displaying processed data

But to be able to work quickly and effectively,…

  • ... it requires a media break-free work in one tool

  • ... there is a need for more flexibility in Power BI, instead of just read-only, drill-down and export-to-Excel

  • ... you need the ability to create different plans, analyze and coordinate them with colleagues

The solution

Power ON as an addon to Power BI makes the difference

Power ON helps companies transform Power BI into a real-time, collaborative data collection and decision-making engine.

Microsoft Trusted & Approved

Top Features

Evolutionary features in a familiar environment

Power ON helps companies transform Power BI into a real-time, collaborative data collection and decision-making engine.


Set up advanced approval and notification workflow​

Manage Data​

Perform Master Data Management tasks​


Create Forecasts or other Versions; click-not-code​

Data Collection​

Enter Data and Comments directly in Power BI


Save data with real-time write-back in Power BI​


Add Comments at the data-point, or cell-level​

Drag & Drop​

'Drag' to add or edit writable Visuals and Charts​


Model What-if-Scenarios for on-the-fly analysis​


Drive insights with AI, ML, and other predictive rules​

Your success story

Let's discover together the possibilities of Power ON in your company

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Customer Feedback

Businesses trust Power ON, users love it

  • Excel Experience

    Drag and drop, copy and paste, conditional formatting & more - work with Power BI as if it were Excel

  • Trustworthy

    Software development relationship with Microsoft and official approval from the Power BI team

  • Flexible interfaces

    Connection and writeback with all common databases

  • Collaboration

    Comments, versions and what-if scenarios enable real collaboration and joint decision-making in the shortest possible time

  • Security

    All data remains in your previous environment, no problem with data security.

  • Steep learning curve

    Anyone who can handle Power BI will learn Power ON in no time

"If you can use Power BI professionally, it is not a long way to work with Power ON without having to learn it at great expense."

Peter Görtz

Managing Consultant Data Analytics


Typical use cases from Power ON customers

25% of Fortune 500 companies use Power ON in various use cases to accelerate their own processes and achieve better results.


  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Inventory & Demand Planning

  • Sales Planning

  • Opportunity Forecasting


  • Workflow & Approvals

  • Scheduling for employees and tasks

  • Cell-level comments in Power BI


  • Data modeling

  • What-if Scenarios

  • Prediction (AL, ML)

Data Management

  • Master data maintenance, e.g. for access rights, user data, product data and much more

  • Hierarchy Management

The flexibility of an Excel spreadsheet combined with the capabilities of Power BI

Key Features: 

  • Data entry, data editing, copy & paste, filter & slicer

  • Data formatting, conditional formatting, and sparklines

  • Excel functions such as SLookup, SumIF and many more

What-If Scenarios

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy creation of new scenarios that can be created, evaluated and decided together in the team

  • Easy switch between scenarios

  • Comparison of different scenarios

True collaboration in Power ON

Key Features: 

  • Capturing comments at the cell level, taking into account the level of detail displayed

  • Notification of new comments and overview of all comments

  • Extensive options for evaluating the comments, e.g. author, subject, data area, status

Master data management

Key Features:

  • Management of data structures, hierarchies and elements, adding, deleting and changing values

  • Includes approval, workflow and/or role-based security

  • Use of dropdowns, checkboxes, calendar selection and text, as well as multiple columns for search and filtering

Approval Workflow

Key Features: 

  • Handling and approval of different versions in planning processes

  • Approval processes for changes to individual records

  • Automatically notify and track the status of various plans

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