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IT project management - Milestone Consult sharpens its service portfolio with website relaunch

In the past, our Milestone Services have been characterized by digitizing business-critical processes and being responsible for the success of these projects. It is therefore only a logical consequence of the relaunch of our website to expand this project management expertise to a dedicated service in our portfolio.


25th anniversary of our cooperation with Bayer

For more than 25 years we have been collaborating on exciting projects in all divisions and departments, introducing new technologies and have built a partnership with great people at Bayer and Milestone Consult that is second to none. We thank you for the trust and look forward to the next 25 years!

Milestone Garden turns into concert arena

In the summer of 2021, our Milestone Garden became the scene of an extraordinary music event. For more than three hours, people celebrated for a good cause, laughed and rocked along to the music of a star ensemble made up of national and international stars of the music scene.


New building

Moving into the new company building in 2020 at the Kamp-Lintfort site and inauguration party for the new headquarters in spring 2020.



In the spring of 2019, the foundation stone was laid for the new headquarters, the construction took place throughout the year, even on New Year's Eve work was still going on.

Framework agreement with Delvag

The ongoing business relationship with Delvag, the insurance specialists of the Lufthansa Group, ultimately led to the conclusion of a framework agreement between Delvag and Milestone Consult.


Start project SCIP

Back then it was just a rough idea, today it's a success story that has won three prizes! In 2015, together with Gregg Dibble from Bayer, we started the SCIP project with the idea of creating a collaboration platform that would make it easier for US farmers to forecast their own needs and simplify the ordering process. Today, this solution has been recognized as the most innovative supply chain solution of the year 2021, as well as "Customer Innovation of the year" and "Supply Chain Breakthrough of the year" in 2017. We would like to thank the teams for the great cooperation and the trust of Bayer, with whom we will continue to successfully develop SCIP in 2021.


SCIP Award

Bayer and Milestone Consult win two awards for project SCIP! The "Supply Chain World" honors SCIP as "Customer Innovation of the year" and "Supply Chain Breakthrough of the year".



Start projekt Integrated Compliance Management

As a strategic partner for the digitization of the business processes of a well-known pharmaceutical and chemical company from Germany, we have been developing the central project for internal compliance management since 2013.


Fokus MS Technologie for BI

In the course of focusing on Microsoft technologies in software development, Milestone Consult also relied on Microsoft tools in the Business Intelligence portfolio at an early stage.


Fokus .NET Technology for SE

With a focus on Microsoft's .NET technology, Milestone Consult focused early on on the dominant framework in software development over the next few years.


Acquisition and establishment of Milestone Consult

In 2000, Milestone Consult was reorganized as the successor to the predecessor company Milestone Software. Together with the previous team, Milestone Consult took on the IT challenges of the new millennium.



Delvag becomes a customer

We have been in business relationships with the insurance specialists of the Lufthansa Group for over 20 years. The Cologne insurance company still relies on our initially developed customer and industry-specific ERP solution.


Bayer becomes a customer

Numerous large and complex IT solutions have emerged from the strategic partnership, which is representative of efficient cooperation based on many years of joint knowledge development in procedural, organizational and technical terms.


Henkel becomes a customer

We have a long-standing business relationship with the Düsseldorf DAX Group as a strategic partner in the implementation of a wide variety of IT projects in controlling.

BI department established

In addition to a modern UI/UX, the heart of every application is the data. With increasing demands on the applications, the data models of these solutions are also gaining in importance. And so, in addition to application development, Milestone decided to specialize equally in mastering complex data and the Business Intelligence division was founded.


PowerBuilder distribution rights in Germany; Start PB training center

Less than a year later, Milestone Software was the first company in Germany to receive the PowerBuilder distribution rights. Even 29 years later, PowerBuilder is still a sought-after part of our portfolio, with which we have been supporting many customers in an advisory capacity for a long time.


Focus on PowerBuilder & application development

In 1991, Milestone Software came into contact with PowerBuilder. At the time, PowerBuilder was the development environment that was being used across the board in many corporations and large companies in the USA with exceptional success. From then on, Milestone Software changed course and focused on application development with PowerBuilder.


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