Data analytics & AI

Data as the “oil of the future” has finally had its day. Now comes data & analytics!

The digital adaptability of a company is one of the essential competitive criteria for future success

In a fast-paced world, being able to accurately differentiate the relevant data from the irrelevant data and make profound analyses and forecasts is one of the greatest competitive advantages.
In the future, a data-driven company that views data as its basis for decision-making and can use it effectively will gain the advantage.

Having data is not enough

The availability of data, still celebrated as the new "oil" in the 1990s, has long since ceased to be a challenge and has become a matter of course. The IWD (the information service of the Institute of the German Economy) (Data volume exploding – estimates that every year, the available amount of data grows by about 27%. ERP systems, smartphones, IoT devices and many others are leading to “data fracking” and flooding the world with a seemingly endless flood of data. At the same time, the access to and availability of this data is becoming increasingly easy.

Oil becomes the gasoline for the digitization engine - data selection as a challenge
The current challenge for data-driven companies is to master this flood of data and to create a data culture in your company that combines the availability of all relevant data and information with quality assurance and flexibility in adapting the data landscape. With modern cloud solutions and big data & data lake approaches, organizations are confronted with previously unattainable flexibility and capabilities that, together with the right strategy and platform, deliver detailed insights and valuable information.

The new "oil" of the 2020s: Data science & advanced services as you please

Building on the processed and provided data, machine learning and data science approaches provide further opportunities to gain new insights. Modern data science and machine learning approaches enable predictive and prescriptive analytics that answer the questions “What's going to happen?” and “What do we need to do to make it happen?”, going beyond providing descriptive and diagnostic analytics that answer the key questions “What happened?” and “Why did it happen?”.

We are experts in state-of-the-art data & analytics solutions

With our focus on data & analytics, we support our customers in the joint development of strategies for the use of this data, design modern solutions, implement them together and help build the necessary know-how in their company. As a manufacturer-independent consulting company, we always provide neutral and unbiased advice.

Our data analytics & AI competencies

Requirements engineering

Architecture and platform strategy

Data management

Data visualisation

Data science, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence

Engineering requirements

The cornerstone of every successful project is laid with a purposeful and thorough analysis of the requirements and the elaboration of a suitable strategy. In order to achieve this, it is essential to bring all relevant stakeholders, in individual cases beyond their own company, together and to establish a common understanding.

  • Data & analytics strategy consulting
  • Requirements analysis

Architecture and platform strategy

Once the basis is established with the use case assessment, the data & analytics platform forms the foundation of successful data-driven companies. The definitive goal is to provide the data in the required form and making it usable, and thus making the application cases tangible in order to bring competitive advantages.

  • Platform strategy (On Premise, Hybrid, Cloud)
  • Platform architecture (IoT / Big Data / etc)

Data management

Managing the rising tide of data in a company means democratising corporate data. With a proper data-driven culture and the right technicalapproaches, we ensure the availability of all relevant data and information ata central point. This means that the right data is always available to a data-driven company at the right time, to the right user, and in the right place.

  • Data ingestion (ETL/ELT/Stream Data)
  • Data warehousing und data modelling
  • Big data handling
  • Data Lake

Data visualisation

In order to use data with added value, a large group of users must also be able to see the data in a meaningful way.

  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Self-service analysis

Data science, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence

Together with you, we would like to tap into the core issues of your company, explore the possibilities of modern analytical methods and unveil insights that have remained hidden until now.

  • Advanced analytics
  • Data science methods
  • Machine Learning
  • Artifical intelligence, e.g. Chatbots

Our comprehensive IT skills

Big data analytics & AI projects need the right framework and structure for successful implementation. Of course, we will also support you in this.

Excellent quality

We are constantly on the exciting and challenging journey to be a consulting firm for future technologies, for which corresponding competencies are a must. Above all, we focus on vertical knowledge in the future technologies in which we are traditionally at home. The fact that we are continuously reaching intermediate stages on this never-ending journey shows the number of already successfully completed certifications and numerous milestones.

Reasons for modernising your data & analytics landscape

Grown landscapes

Historically grown landscapes with data silos that cannot communicate with each other.

Modern landscapes that can be flexibly expanded

We want to extend our existing landscape with modern technologies so that we are flexible, both in skills and scale.

Taking advantage of dynamic cloud solutions

The current on Premise solution no longer fits the dynamics of our processes, so we want to virtualise the infrastructure.

Unleash the potential of your data with modern analytics solutions

Our system might be satisfactory at the moment, but we know little to nothing about our data, which severely hinders our further development.

Use of unstructured data

With the current architecture, which is very focused on structured data, we cannot fully leverage our current social media sources.

Ensuring data quality for efficient and accurate reporting

We are able to provide our sales reps with the necessary data, but we are not really sure how to ensure and monitor its quality in an automated way.

Selected customer projects

Global CRM Analytics Platform

For an international pharmaceutical company, we have developed a central solution for global CRM analytics and reporting, with which all sales activities can be evaluated and analysed.

Project duration:
5 years

Social Media Analysis

For one of the largest German marketing companies, we have developed a cloud solution for the collection and evaluation of social media data.

Project duration:
1.5 years

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