Data science, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence

Target the core issues of your business using data science.

Understanding company data

Together with you, we would like to tap into the core issues of your company, explore the possibilities of modern analytical methods, and unveil insights that have remained hidden until now.

Our building blocks for your success

Our services


Implementation of accurate and fast forecasting models through a revolutionary approach with InstantML.

Data strategy

Review of the databases and development/elaboration of application scenarios and analysis procedures.

Data science

Analysis of your structured and unstructured data for unused potentials.

Cloud-based image recognition

Innovative solutions with neural networks for pattern and image recognition.

Anomaly detection

Live detection of anomalies in streaming and historical data.

Artificial intelligence with chatbots

You can find all theinformation on our chatbot offering here.

Data management – DWH, Big Data, Data Lake & Co.

The emergence of new business developments and trends is, of course, accompanied by the mapping and evaluation of these new developments in analytical methods and technologies. This causal chain has been steadily picking up speed in recent years, fuelling the proliferation of unstructured data and, in turn, giving rise to new analytic disciplines that make this unstructured data analysable in reporting and dashboarding: advanced analytics.

Advanced analytics does not serve its own sake

“IT must not serve its own sake!” is a common line of approach at Milestone Consult. This dogma also applies to our services in the field of advanced analytics, which provide answers to completely new questions and thus create enormous value: Why did something happen? What will happen? What should be done to make sure this (doesn't) happen?

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