The digitisation experts in the Lower Rhine  region

Die Digitali-sierungs-
experten am Niederrhein

Milestone at a glance

As an owner-managed consulting firm, we have been active in the market since 1989. We have always dedicated ourselves to the digitisation of business processes, initially in the context of software development, and since 1994 also in the field of data collection and analytics.

We are

75+ employees at the Kamp-Lintfort site, NRW

We stand for

long-term partnership, consistency and independence

We attach great  importance to

a family-friendly work environment and pleasure at work

Our mission

Specialisation in the design, implementation, and support of innovative solutions from the areas of software development as well as business intelligence using the best standard tools available on the market with a commitment to quality.

Achieving each employee's personal goals is as important as protecting Milestone Consult's economic interest.

Olaf Broekmans

Managing Director

More than


years at Milestone

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

The "creation of the greatest possible satisfaction for our employees" is not without reason the most important focus of our company philosophy. Milestone Consult creates a working environment in which the interests and values of the employees are aligned with those of Milestone Consult and each employee can develop and contribute in an optimal way. We are proud of our family character at Milestone, which always puts people first.

What do I appreciate about Milestone Consult? At Milestone, the employee as a person comes first.

There are clear values that are truly lived in daily interaction. For me that means: appreciation, respect and full support for my work. I would therefore describe the decision to work for Milestone Consult as the best of my professional career.

Anne Nowack

Senior Consultant BI

More than


years at Milestone

Leading by example

A person makes up to 20,000 decisions every day at work. As an owner-managed company, it is our management that directs and supports us in this decision-making jungle.

Our Management Team

The individual needs of our employees are as individual as the solutions for our customers.

Every employee needs different conditions to be able to work successfully. Everyone is at different points in their lives and so our big goal is to create a work environment that takes into account individual needs and situations. In this way, every employee has the opportunity to fully develop and contribute optimally to his or her team, customer and project, and to do so while having fun and really shining.

Lydia Föhles-Blum

People & Culture

More than


years at Milestone

Many roads lead to Rome

…and to Milestone Consult.

Our milestones come to us with a wide variety of backgrounds and resumes, but the focus for us is on having fun at work and wanting to achieve great things as a team.

Becoming a milestone

A training programme for the next generation

Career entry for bachelor's and master's  graduates

Retraining initiatives for experienced professionals during reorientation

New perspective for experienced professionals

More about us


As an owner-managed consulting firm, we have been active in the market since 1989. At our site in Kamp-Lintfort, 75 milestonesshape the team.

Culture, philosophy and values

First and foremost, it is the people, values and our philosophy that determine our success and define us.

Our history

Our history of over 30 years is full of shiny milestones. Learn about them here.