Data Governance

Improve your data quality and data security as the foundation for a successful digital transformation to a data-driven enterprise.

Managing company data

We support you in designing and implementing a successful data governance strategy. In this way, you protect your data, comply with legal regulations, ensure transparency of the data available, and safeguard its quality and integrity.

Our services

Strategy definition

We support you in defining the rules and regulations for your data strategy and shed some light on all the essential aspects.

Data lineage

With data lineage, we support you in ensuring the traceability of your data at all levels.

Data catalogue

We support you in building your data catalogue for quick and easy traceability of which data is available and how to interpret it.

Master and meta data management

We support you in setting up successful data management as a central point of all data used throughout the company.

Data security and legal compliance

We support you in managing storage and access rights and ensuring compliance with all relevant legal requirements.  

Data quality

We support you in constantly ensuring data quality as the basis for successful projects and meaningful analyses.

Consulting & support

After completion of the project, the data warehouse/data lake contains countless data in more or less complex structures and all key figures and performance indicators have been created and can be queried. Now it needs to be defined and documented who accesses these structures and how they are accessed.

  1. We analyse the type and quality of existing and yet-to-be-created data sources to determine the best way to document and manage rights. After a qualified preparation and presentation of the analysis results, we jointly define the optimal strategy.
  2. We disclose the relationships between all your data objects and provide automated documentation to significantly support the preparation and training of the data officer and, if necessary, enable them to perform this task professionally.

Integration of data intelligence into the architectural landscape of amodern data warehouse

Properly applied, data intelligence spans the entire realm of data analytics. From the initial loading of the data to the storage in the data lake and the provision of the semantic layer, as well as the usage of the data in the report. Likewise, the pipelines for data movement, transformation, and aggregation must be integrated so that a data catalogue with the classification and glossary is just as possible as a detailed end-to-end lineage analysis.

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