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Flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency – we support you in implementing your requirements with up-to-date cloud solutions.

Making enterprise data scalable

Cloud solutions enable companies to launch projects in minutes instead of days or weeks. With a few clicks, both small prototyping environments or extremely complex environments can be deployed. Due to their scalability, the environments always adapt to your requirements and needs, enabling cost-optimised operation.

Our services

Cloud strategy

Based on your IT landscape, we will recommend the right cloud provider for you

Migration into the cloud

We move your existing solutions into the cloud

Innovations in the cloud

We develop new solutions from scratch in the cloud together with you

Cloud management

We make sure that your cloud solution fits your project and your growth


We implement your requirements for you and with you

Advantages of cloud computing

The digitisation of business processes is sustainably accelerated, simplified and made more efficient by the possibilities of cloud computing. Cloud services make it possible to develop and provide services without large initial investments and costly server landscapes or infrastructures. When these services become successful, the solution will grow together with the success.


A key advantage of a professional cloud environmentis its adaptability and flexible scalability. Depending on the load and the need for computing power, different resources at different locations can be added or removed.


Operating and setting up a local data centre involves considerable administrative efforts. Hardware must be procured, set up, software installed and updated. This effort is eliminated when using modern cloud solutions.


The acquisition, construction and further development of a company's own data centre are associated with immense costs and therefore require medium-term planning of the company's own IT requirements.

Realibility & safety

Fail-safety, data redundancy and security against unauthorised access are essential criteria when business-critical data and processes are mapped via an IT solution or stored in it.

Uncomplicated launch and gradual expansion

Data sources, visualisation

Under pressure

  • Detailed reporting is feasible “without” wasting too much time (e.g. Power BI reports in several files).

  • A secure online data storeage is used by means of an Azure DataLake.

Data source, semantic layer, visualisation

  • Reports on multiple scenarios such as scenario 1 are becoming more and more difficult.

  • A semantic layer is implemented to centralise the model.

  • To avoid redundant developments and provide maintenance capabilities.

Data source, modelling, semantic layer, visualisation

  • The connection of several types of data sources is mandatory.

  • The data now comes from different sources that cannot be easily reconciled. At least for Master Data Management, a relationaldata source is required.

Data source, DWH, connectors, semantic layer, visualisation

  • Data sources that need to be integrated and applied.

  • Data, such as files, rational data sources, IOT devices or streaming.

  • Data should be integrated. Another trigger is data volumes or other activities such as forecasting, data science, or other machine learning purposes.

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