Architecture and platform strategy

Laying the foundation for your data universe by choosing the right platform

Making company data available

Once the basis is established with the use-case assessment, the data & analytics platform forms the foundation of successful data-driven companies. The goal is to provide the data in the required form and making it usable, and thus making the application cases tangible in order to bring competitive advantages.

In addition to the descriptive and diagnostic examination of historical data, modern data and analytics platforms also enable profound analytical methods, e.g. prescriptive and predictive methods, risk exposure, fraud analysis, and many other applications.

We support companies in facing the challenges of the “analytics platform” and in meeting the necessary procedural, organisational and technological challenges in an appropriate manner.

Our building blocks for your success

Architecture example: streaming data

Architecture cornerstones

  • Data is stored for further analysis
  • Data can be analysed in real time

Architecture example: structured data

Architecture cornerstones

  • Data is provided to a user via a semantic layer
  • Data is prepared in a data lake for further analyses

Architecture example: Structured data incorporating machine learning

Architecture cornerstones

  • Data is provided to a user via a semantic layer and processed in a data lake for further analysis.
  • Data is processed in such a way that data science and machine learning approaches can be used
Streaming Data
Strukturierte Daten
Machine Learning

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