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Improving the communication

There are many good reasons to opt for the use of AI-driven chatbots. Whether in customer service or internally, chatbots are available around the clock. They help automate processes, relieve employees and do so without long, annoying wait times.

Many monotonous and repetitive tasks are handled by chatbots, freeing up valuable human resources that are available for more challenging and creative tasks. This allows employees to work on the company's goals in a more focused manner. The AI approach also increases problem resolution rates and improves the customer experience. In addition to natural language processing, many communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,etc. can be connected and customer loyalty is significantly increased.

The fields of application are boundless! Find out how you too can reach the next level of efficient, targeted and largely automated corporate communications.

Our services

Requirements analysis

We will work with you to identify possible use applications cases for chatbots in your company.


We support you in the introduction of chatbots in internal and external communication.

Chatbot key figures & KPIs

With the right metrics and KPIs, you can learn more about your chatbot's end-user adoption.

Chatbot analytics & reporting

Detailed reporting helps you analyse user behaviour and optimise chatbots.

Typical applications for chatbots

Human resources

HR departments in large companies in particular face a multitude of questions from employees on a daily basis. Chatbots can intercept simple questions very easily and thus save a lot of time in your HR department so that your HR employees can focus on the really complex issues.

Support manangement

Chatbots facilitate customer communication when used by energy suppliers, municipal utilities and network operators. They guide customers directly to all support topics, prevent wait times and are permanently available outside office working hours. At the same time, support staff are relieved and can thus concentrate on particularly challenging cases.

Patient portals

Chatbots in healthcare are available to patients for many questions. They help greatly accelerate the time-consuming communication for arranging examinations, obtaining examination results, etc. They reduce staff workload and help patients communicate quickly and safely.

Shopping portals

Online store bots can answer specific questions about products or services quickly and directly, contributing to a better shopping experience.

Sales & marketing

Consulting bots, for example in the insurance industry, are a good primary contact for potential customers who do not yet have a clear idea of their actual needs. The bot helps both the company and the potential customer identify, understand and prepare appropriate offers for a contract conclusion.

Chatbots in practice – simple, secure, fast

  1. Query of a subject area enables the reduction of possible intents and thus increases the response quality. In this example, the user can choose from three topics.
  2. Forwarding to a support representative if the question could not be answered.

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With the support of Milestone Consult, we moved our chatbot reports to a solution with Power BI and underlying tabular models.

The intuitiveness, design and performance exceeded our expectations. We are now excited to move into the next phase with metrics and KPIs.

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